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Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer hair tip #3

WASH YOUR HAIR!!!! Now I realize coming from me (someone who washes her tresses MAYBE twice a week) that may sound a little hypocritical. However...in the summer our hair tends to get a bit more greasy. As our scalp perspires our hair follicles produce Sebum(oil). I'm not sure about any of you but when its hot I sweat. Even on my scalp. So in the summer GET SCRUBBIN!!! Think how dirty your face is by the end of the day. Especially in the hot summer months.  You take your hair to the same places, so it gets just as dirty. So wash your hair every day! It’s the single most effective way to make your hair and scalp healthier. I wash my hair obsessively in the summer. Once or twice a week I try to use a good Clarifying shampoo or Tea Tree Shampoo to really clean and refresh my scalp. Clogged hair follicles=hair loss. You won't see me going bald!!! :) Don't have time to wash your hair or out camping try a try Shampoo! My personal favorite is Kenra's dry shampoo. Smells amazing and doesn't build up in the hair like store bought brands can. Use sparingly and be sure to wash your hair and really massage and exfoliate that scalp as soon as you can!
Favorite Tea Tree Shampoo-
Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo 16.9oz 500x500
Awesome Clarifying shampoo from Biolage!
Matrix Biolage Scalptherapie Normalizing Shampoo  500ml/16.9oz
And my personal favorite dry shampoo
Kenra Platinum Dry Shampoo - 5 oz

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer hair tip 2

Summer hair tip 2- Lets talk CHLORINE!!!! I hate Chlorine. its my worst nightmare as a stylist. Its not a myth folks!! Chlorine builds up in the hair and leaves a nasty discoloring green film. And surprise surprise its NOT just a Blonde problem!! So what to do?? Your not going to NOT go to the pool because lets face it here in Utah...its HOT and dry in the summer. And if you're like me you have little kids so keeping your hair 100% out of the water isn't going to happen either. So here's a few ideas. 1st-prep hair preswim. Dry hair absorbs EVERYTHING. Wet hair? Not so much. So just by simply getting hair wet before you go swimming will be a big help. 2nd-And this is my personal go to is to coat the hair with a leave in conditioner. Redken UV rescue Swim cream is my go to favorite. 3rd- Wash your hair within a few hours of swimming. Use a good clarifying shampoo to really clean the hair good.
Redken UV Rescue Brunette Guard 5oz 1 of 1Paul Mitchell Clarifying Shampoo Two 16.9oz 500x500

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Summer Hair 101

Summer is here!!! For me personally its a total bummer. I'm not a summer lover. But there a few things I like. Like sleeping in!!! I was blessed with kids that totally sleep in. They love staying up late and sleeping late. That works for me. I also LOVE getting tan!! My skin tans very quickly and very well. This also works for me. :) One of the things I don't like though is what the sun and dry Utah air do to my hair!!! I constantly highlight my hair and the sun makes it very brassy and dull throughout the summer. So what to do what to do?? Well I've compiled my favorite Summer hair tips and will share them with all you fabulous people throughout the week this week. :) Your welcome!

Summer hair tip 1- HATS HATS HATS!!!! Whether your hair is colored or au naturel the sun WILL bleach it out. And this is ALWAYS unpredictable. While naturally colored hair may take on a subtle highlighted look those with colored hair may end up with brassy dull hair. So create a "sunblock" if you will. Added SPF certainly helps but there is no effective chemical treatment or color that blocks the harmful effects of UV Rays. However a fabulous wide brim hat will do the trick!! Its your best weapon against loosing your beautiful hair to the sun! And its so on trend now!! Plus it helps protect the skin on your face from harmful UV rays as well! A double bonus. Don't have a hat? Hate hats?? Invest in a good leave in conditioner! Pureology Essential Repair Leave in is my personal favorite for the summer! Or for a more affordable Its a 10 Miracle leave in is another favorite. Either of these will work wonders!

No. 3: Pureology Essential Repair Instant Repair, $25.99
No. 1: It

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


It truly is my favorite time of year. Fashion is at its best! Hair is at its best! And lets be honest the weather is never better then the crisp 60's and 70's. Love it. Here's some pics to get you inspired and excited for fall!!

First up is some hair I've done recently.
I absolutely LOVE reds in the fall! And this one certainly takes the cake! 

So gorgeous! 

Pixies pixies pixies!!! A super hot trend this year is this short cut!

A great way to go from Blonde to brown for fall! Nice chunky highlights with a dark brown underneath! GORGEOUS! 

Red pixie! Perfect for fall! all the way around awesome! 
Not inspired enough yet? Here's what Hollywood thinks of fall hair! 

If your scared to go dark after being blonde all summer a good way is to add warm lowlights....slowly transition out of the summer bleach outs and into a softer more natural blonde. Beautiful! 

Can't forget my absolute FAVORITE part of fall!!! FASHION!!! I love Pinterest. There are so many ideas for hairstyles and outfits. Here are a few of my favorites for fall! 

Whatever styles or hair colors and cuts you choose remember to be confident and know that you are fabulous and beautiful!!! That's what the beauty industry is all about! Expressing your true self!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Holidays!

So sorry!! Its been so long since I've posted anything. Its been a bit nuts these last few months. But its my favorite time of year and I totally need to do a special to celebrate!! :) Starting November 1st until December 31st its BOGO time! Bring a friend and get half off your service. Includes Color services, Perms, and lash extensions. So check out my prices and schedule your appointment today! :) Here's some pictures to get your ideas flowing. I love fall hair! And I LOVE eyelash Extensions! They make a great addition to your holiday look!